Data Digitization & Scanning

Data Digitization and Scanning

KDS digitization scanning and data entry services are an essential and supportive part for our solutions. We are confident that we provide a much more reliable service than other all-in-one digitization companies can.

KDS provides a comprehensive service for the manual entry and digitization of your paper-based data, acknowledging the time-consuming nature of evaluating written information. To seamlessly connect all communication channels and offer a holistic overview, we specialize in decoding addresses, conducting address research, and digitizing paper questionnaires. Our experienced team ensures the swift and error-free transfer of your paper-based data, presenting it to you in an easily accessible format. Leveraging our expertise in digitization and data entry, we aim to enhance your process optimization and overall service quality through efficient digital recording, evaluation, and location-independent data retrieval.

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  1.   Scanning services
  2.   Business process outsourcing
  3.   Manual data entry and database maintenance
  4.   Conversion of handwritten documents
  5.   Indexing of digitized documents
  6.     Reproduction and duplication
  7.     DataSecurity
  8.     Returns management, double capture, triple capture
  9.     Video coding Address research

Our scope of services for digitization and Data Entry

In cooperation with our partners, we always manage even large volumes of data on time.