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KDS Group Fire & Safety Services


Fire Safety Audit

Employer is responsible to provide safe work environment to employees. Landlord/ Building Management Employer is responsible for safety of tenants, fire systems and operations. Employer should not be solely dependent on his facility manager and Building Owner/ to provide Safe Work Environment. In Fire audits, G4S will highlight building fire deficiencies, which in turn can be brought to the notice of landlord/ building management for rectification. Professional Recommendations made by fire professional will be taken more seriously and are likely to result in faster rectification of defects, better compliance and fire safety.

Engineer Checking Industrial Fire Control System,fire Alarm Controller, Fire Notifier, Anti Fire.sys

Fire Safety audit is an effective tool for assessing fire standards of an organization. It helps clients to identify the areas of improvement and evolve an action plan. A systematic and critical identification of fire risks, evaluation of fire risk based on their impact and review of existing passive and active fire protection measures, can mitigate the risk of fire and help in eliminating the causes of fire.



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